The Clear EVOLUTION Shutter

Florida Building Code Approved (latest 2010 version)

Crystal clear hurricane shutters from Evolution Hurricane Shutters, LLC are much more than just hurricane protection.  Although there is no substitute for a professionally installed security system, our clear hurricane shutters are an effective means of adding protection against smash and grab break-ins and vandalism from flying objects like rocks, bricks, BBs and pellets. Unsuspecting vandals will have no idea of what they are up against because Evolution Hurricane Shutters are almost impossible to spot from the street. Hammers, baseball bats, steel pipes and glass cutters are all useless against penetrating these shutters. Unlike most burglar bars, our shutters are even available with optional egress capabilities to let you out in case of emergency and, because they're clear, you can see what's waiting for you outside. Compare that to any hurricane shutter!

Our crystal clear hurricane shutters also make your home more energy efficient and quieter while also reducing the fading of interior upholstery fabrics and photographs/artwork caused by UV rays. They even protect your existing windows and help them to last longer. They are also available in a solar tint to reduce heat gain even more.
So whether it's flying debris from a storm, stones from lawn maintenance, a brick from a smash-and-grab thief, your kid's misguided baseball, vandals with BB guns, or errant golf balls from the fairway - YOU'RE PROTECTED!!!

Our protective shields are the ONLY metal framed, optically clear, Category 5 hurricane impact protection that is also a 24/7 passive energy saver. When our crystal clear hurricane shutters are installed over an existing window, an air space is created that make the opening more energy efficient. As soon as the installation on just one window is complete, Evolution Hurricane Shutters start paying you back during the heat of summer AND the cold of winter.   

Check out these features:  

Strong:  Exceeds ALL building codes for large missile impact.
  Protect storm after storm, impact after impact whether you're home or not.
Energy saving:  Real savings EVERY month on your electric bill.
Clear:  Crystal clear, no distortion, no dungeon effect.
Convenient:  No more hassles of putting them up and taking them down. No big storage area needed. No more stacks to sort through.
Stylish:  Compare the curb appeal of our protective shields to all of the others.
Economical:  The best return on investment for your hurricane protection dollar.
Secure:  Prevent "smash & grab" break-ins. These protective shields stand up any hammer, pipe, steel bar or club.
Safe:  Egress feature won't trap occupants during a fire like some burglar bars.
Cost effective:  They're a fraction of the cost of impact windows PLUS they pay for themselves through energy savings.
Non-sacrificial: Unlike impact windows, applied films, roll-downs, accordions, Bahamas, corrugated panels and other forms of protection, Evolution Hurricane Shutters don't break. The polycarbonate used to make the crystal clear panels is 200 times stronger than the glass used to make impact glass. That is why Evolution Shutters offer you continuous protection storm after storm - season after season.
 Quiet: These clear hurricane shutters not only reduce outside noise when there's no storm, they also don't rattle during the storm like the other traditional forms of hurricane protection.
More pluses: Eliminate window damage from golf balls, baseballs, footballs – even horseshoes! Ultraviolet filtering of both A & B rays reduces fading of interior fabrics and damage to artwork and photographs. The UV filtering will also protect any window behind it and help it to last longer. There's no "dungeon effect" like you get with plywood sheets, roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, clam-shell awnings or metal panel designs, either.

We're so confident in the quality and performance of our product that every shutter is backed by a 10 year warranty.


 Are you building or remodeling a home?

Whether you're building a new home, adding an addition to or remodeling your existing home, in today's economic and environmental climate saving energy is one of the more important features homeowners and buyers strive for. At Evolution Hurricane Shutters, we urge our customers to focus their window budget dollars towards energy efficient windows and leave the hurricane protection to us. Nothing is scarier than finishing your new addition only to see that first electric bill and then having to adjust your budget (or your lifestyle) to accommodate the sudden increase.

Energy efficient windows can and do get expensive, but in the long run the energy that they save help give the buyer a return on his/her investment. Installing clear Evolution Hurricane Shutters over impact or non-impact rated, high performance energy efficient windows will allow the windows to do what they do best - save energy costs. In addition to protecting your energy saving windows, the dead air space created between your windows and your Evolution Hurricane Shutters will help your new windows perform even better. In fact, simply installing our clear hurricane shutters over your existing standard windows will reap big rewards at the end of each and every month. And the icing on the cake? Because they're State of Florida approved, you're eligible for a rebate on your homeowners insurance.

Concerned about vandalism from BBs, pellets, rocks or other thrown projectiles? How about broken windows from lawn maintenance, your kids playing catch in the yard or a smash and grab thief? Added security is an automatic benefit you get with Evolution Hurricane Shutters, too.

Get the added security of crystal clear, Category 5 hurricane impact resistant, passive energy savers from Evolution Hurricane Shutters it any wonder we call them "The rEvolution in Hurricane protection"??


"I've already invested in impact windows.  I don't need hurricane shutters"

Don't fall victim to this misconception!

If you are one of the conscientious homeowners who stepped up to the plate and bought impact windows in recent years, good for you. They were the best thing available on the market - at the time. It's a fact that impact glass windows do a superb job of protecting the envelope of a structure after a large missile impact, but you will see from any online video that in the process, that the impact windows are absolutely demolished and will require the expense, mess and inconvenience of replacement. Go to Youtube, search for "impact glass test" or "impact window test" and see for yourself.

Impact windows are a good choice for the upper floors of a building, but not for the lower floors that are vulnerable to large missile impacts, smash and grab break-ins and vandalism. The polycarbonate material used to make crystal clear Evolution Shutters is nearly indestructible and is over 200 times stronger than the glass used to make impact glass.

Click here to see a video comparison of impact windows vs. shutters

Ok, let's pretend that the storm has passed. Now you not only have a huge mess of broken glass to clean up, you also have the added expense of getting the broken window part replaced. If you're lucky, you have single or double hung windows and the impact was directed to the glass only and not the frame. Replacing just a sash is quite a bit cheaper that getting the entire window replaced. Some brands may even replace just the broken lite. You will have to check with the manufacturer to see how this effects the warranty and if your replacement parts will allow your old window to keep its hurricane approval certification.

The bottom line is, your impact windows weren't cheap to buy and they won't be cheap to replace. If you received any kind of a warranty with them, read it closely. Call the manufacturer and make sure that the model of window that you purchased still has replacement parts available. You may find out that replacement parts aren't available. You might even discover that the company that made your windows is no longer in business.

 Due to the construction downturn, many manufacturers of impact windows are gone. The installer who originally put them may have offered a warranty on his workmanship, but he isn't who issued the window replacement warranty. Don't give him/her too hard of a time (unless the window failure is due to improper installation). Now might be a good time to protect your investment with the addition of Evolution Hurricane Shutters over your existing impact windows.  If they are vinyl (PVC) framed windows, they need protection from the elements. Aluminum framed windows are stronger and last longer than vinyl - don't let anyone tell you differently!

Evolution Hurricane Shutters have been designed not only to protect your expensive hurricane impact windows, but to make them more energy efficient. We guarantee that the heat loss or gain through your window areas will be reduced! This is just one more reason why we say that Evolution Hurricane Shutters are "The rEvolution in Hurricane Protection".

Florida Building Code Approved

Cannon Demonstration Video:


Hammer Smash Test Video:


Warranty and Quality Assurance

Evolution Hurricane Shutters, LLC, warrants the workmanship and material in Evolution Hurricane Shutters, excluding special finishes, for a period of 10 years after purchase, when installed properly and used under normal conditions and reserves the right to repair or replace the shutters. Complete warranty available upon request.

All protective shields by Evolution Hurricane Shutters are manufactured in the U.S.A., using only American parts and labor.      

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