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Evolution Hurricane Shutters, LLC is located in Palmetto, Florida and we manufacture the ONLY metal framed, patented, crystal clear, Category 5 impact resistant storm shield that offers clear-as-glass, 24/7 protection while saving you money and making your home quieter.
That's right - unbreakable, crystal clear hurricane shutters that save money on your electric bill!

We manufacture these crystal clear Evolution Hurricane Shutters
right here in Florida. But our shutters aren't for just hurricane protection - they are hurricane protection PLUS passive energy saver -  PLUS security panel -  PLUS sound insulator and much more - all in one. Not only do these crystal clear shutters withstand impact forces far above any building code standard without breaking, but over time Evolution Hurricane Shutters can actually pay for themselves with energy savings! Since 2002 hundreds of homes and businesses in Southwest Florida have been experiencing the benefits of Evolution Hurricane Shutters and we are now making them available to more homes, businesses and churches. Look over the information contained within this website, watch the videos below and then decide for yourself if what we say is true.

Hurricane impact window protection
If you have had impact windows installed on your home, business or church, you already know how expensive they are. Evolution Hurricane Shutters are the ideal compliment of impact windows and here's why:
Hurricane impact windows really aren't very good at withstanding an impact. I know what you're thinking......."Then why do they call them impact windows?" That's a very intriguing question because when you go to any website and watch videos of "impact window testing" it's pretty obvious that they break when hit.  I'll put the question back to you and ask "Why DO they call them impact windows if they still break?
It's an intriguing question, but Evolution Hurricane Shutters are the perfect answer to the problem of how to keep your expensive windows from getting broken. No matter how much or how little you have spent on your windows - whether they're impact rated or not -  Evolution shutters can protect them in more ways than one.

Evolution Hurricane Shutters protect your windows from:

........flying storm debris impacts.

       There won't be any need to order new windows and you won't have to board them up after the storm passes, either. While your neighbors wait for weeks or months to get their broken windows replaced, you'll be safe, secure and ready for the next storm.
........breakage due to vandalism or "smash & grab" break-in attempts.
       You won't need to replace your windows after vandals have thrown rocks and bricks or shot BBs or pellets at your windows or after some thug tried to get into your home with a baseball bat, glass cutter or center punch.
........direct contact with rain so there is no water leakage.
        Did you know that hurricane impact windows don't have to be tested to stop rain from getting in during a hurricane? They are only tested to remain in the window frame after they have broken. Evolution shutters keep wind driven rain away from your windows so they won't let rainwater into your home during a storm.
........the devastating effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
        Our shutters filter out 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays that work to destroy the paint and other parts of your existing windows. If you have PVC windows, they will increase the lifetime of them and delay them from getting brittle or bending and warping.
.........breakage due to maintenance accidents.
         If you've ever seen what happens to a window when a rock from a lawnmower hits it, you know a little about what I'm talking about. Ever seen an unattended extension ladder slide off of a wall and hit a window? Neither of these occurrences will break, or even crack, an Evolution Shutter.

Florida Building Code Approved (2010 version)

Before you spend thousands of dollars on impact windows, watch the videos below and think about this fact - the polycarbonate material used to make the crystal clear panels in Evolution Hurricane Shutters is 200 TIMES stronger than the glass used to make impact windows.

Cannon Demonstration Video:

Hammer Test Video:

If you think that impact windows won't break, check out this Impact Window vs. Hurricane Shutter Comparison Video!


Evolution Hurricane Shutters, LLC

Palmetto, Florida

  Made in the USA


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Why Polycarbonate? 
Because it's strong - It's more than 200 times stronger than glass!
Polycarbonate is one of the strongest clear plastics available today. It's so strong that it is used for jet fighter canopies, 300+ mph NHRA dragster windshields and all of the windows in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race car. There's even a formulation that's bulletproof!
When "Clear" means CLEAR
When the other guys say "clear", what they really mean is "colorless, obscure" which means that you can see what's on the other side - you just can't tell what it is. When we say "clear", we mean it - no waves, no creases, no distortion. Unlike looking out of those flimsy, corrugated storm panels, looking through an shutter is a lot like looking out of a window - just a clear, undistorted view of what's outside.
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